Living and Working with Real Art!

Danica House

Catherine Lee Neifing's artwork has been exhibited
in galleries, art centers, quality fine art festivals, hotels and contemporary interior design outlets for many years. Above is "Anthuriums/Blue Blinds," an acrylic painting at a past exhibition at Danica House, a quality home furnishings store in Santa Barbara, California.

Big Sky Cafe - San Luis Obispo

Catherine Lee's shaped and layered
paintings displayed at Big Sky Cafe and 
Gallery in San Luis Obispo, California. 


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Catherine's booth at the La Quinta 
Arts Festival in Palm Springs, 2000.

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The artist (in red) schmoozing at her art reception at Bistango Restaurant in Irvine, California.

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Photographs of the artist's studios.  Catherine often works on many paintings at once.  Here are both shaped and canvas paintings with working sketches. Try to find any of the unfinished works in these photos in their finished 
states on this website.

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Original art adds color, style, and fantasy
to homes, offices and businesses.  Ms. Neifing works
with interior designers to meet the art and design
needs of private and business clients. High quality
reproductions are also available.  Commissioned
murals, illustrations and portraits are welcomed.
For  more information or to arrange a tour of the
artist's studio and/or commissioned work contact
the artist at

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